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We currently do not offer international shipping.

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Definitely! Just remember to choose the "Pick Up" option at the checkout page.

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We will notify you once your order is ready for collection. Parcels are to be collected at 15 Joan Road S298899 from 10am till 6pm daily. Please kindly present your order email confirmation upon collection for verification purposes.

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- Original product is required.
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1. What is naturalGRO Thrive Ten?
naturalGRO Thrive Ten is a broad-spectrum liquid fertiliser which consists of NPK 10-10-10 and trace elements. It is suitable to use for generic maintenance and upkeep of plant health of all plant types at regular regime.

2. What is naturalGRO Rapid Gro?
naturalGRO Rapid Gro is a mild liquid fertiliser that consist lower NPK value. It is recommended to use for propagation and transplantation. It helps to stimulate root and shoot growth and at the same time reduces transplant shock.

3. What is naturalGRO Kelp Booster?

naturalGRO Kelp Booster is seaweed extracts extracted from Tasmanian Bull Kelp. It is rich in alginic acid, plant growth regulator (auxin & cytokinin) etc. It aids in fortifying plant health and enhancing resilience towards disease and pests.

4. What is naturalGRO Floral K?
naturalGRO Floral K is liquid fertiliser designed for inducing flowering. It contains readily available potassium ions which highly accessible for plants to uptake easily. It also helps to address plant assists the flowering of plants.

5. What is naturalGRO Fruit Fert?
naturalGRO Fruit Fert is liquid fertiliser that rich in secondary nutrients. It contains Calcium, Magnesium and Boron which assist to build stronger cell wall and healthier budding. Hence, it aids in producing fruits and leaves of better quality.

6. What is naturalGRO Liquid Sun?
naturalGRO Liquid Sun is a plant conditioner which consists of fulvic acid, a derivative/component from the humus. It helps to increase the photosynthesis rate and enhance the nutrient uptake efficacy rate of the plants. Hence, it is highly suitable for indoor plants that are placed at shaded area. In addition, it helps variegated plants to stay its variegation.

7. What is naturalGRO Soil Energizer?
naturalGRO Soil Energiser is soil conditioner which consists of humic acid, a derivative/component from the humus. It rejuvenates soil structures by amending the soil profiles. Therefore, it increases the moisture and nutrients retention properties. In the meantime, it also encourages beneficial microbial activities within the soil.

8. What is naturalGRO Neem Pure?
naturalGRO Neem Pure is an organic systemic and contact insecticide. It helps to treat plant sucking insects like aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, spidermites etc.

9. Application method for Thrive Ten, Rapid GRO, Kelp Booster, Floral K, Fruit Fert & Liquid Sun fertilisers?
Can be done with foliar spraying or drenching. Frequency for foliar spraying - once per week, drenching - twice per month. Dilution rate is 10mL (~1 cap) to 1L water.

10. Application method for Soil Energizer fertiliser?
Can be done with drenching. Frequency for drenching - twice per month. Dilution rate is 10mL (~1 cap) to 1L of water.

11. Application method for Neem Pure?
Can be done with foliar spraying or drenching. Frequency for foliar spraying & drenching - once per month. Dilution rate for foliar spraying is 2.5mL (~1/4 cap) to 1L of water, for drenching is 5mL (~1/2 cap) to 1L of water.

1. What is naturalGRO Super Soilless Mix - Veggies & Ornamental Plants?
Batch-blended in Singapore, this Veggies and Ornamental Plants Mix is designed for moisture retention, chock-full of compost and ideal for growing seedlings, fruit, veggies and all plant types. Best Potting Soil at the best value.

2. What is naturalGRO Super Soilless Mix - Cactus and Succulents Blend?
Batch-blended in Singapore, this Cactus and Succulent Mix is designed for great drainage, yet holds enough moisture to keep your cacti and succulents healthy.

3. What is naturalGRO Super Soilless Mix - Aroid Plants?
Soilless mix that is batch-blended in Singapore, this Aroid Plants Mix is an ideal blend of hydration and aeration properties. It is mixed with our chunky materials to provide excellent drainage and prevent overwatering.

1. What is naturalGRO Cocopeat?
Keep your plants happy and healthy with this premium soilless grow media. 100% natural made from coconut husks, it has excellent properties for:
- Improving soil aeration
- Retains moisture and nutrients to feed roots and seeds faster for maximum growth
- Suitable for all leafy veggies, fruits, vegetables and all types of plants
- Offers protection against diseases and pathogens

2. What is naturalGRO Pumice?
Good drainage and growing medium, created using 100% naturally occurring pumice. Functional and decorative, this versatile stone is suited for all types of indoor plantings.
- Use it to create a drainage layer in your terrarium, as a topper for your succulent garden, or to line a humidity tray
- A very light and porous volcanic rock, great for succulents and cacti
- Prevents root rot
- Does not attract fungi or insects
- Improves soil structure

3. What is naturalGRO Vermiculite?
Organic volcanic rock that encourages quick anchorage of young roots.
- Helps to retain air, plant food and moisture, releasing them as the plant requires. Mixing vermiculite in flower or vegetable gardens will provide vigorous growth.
- Improve moisture retention and aeration
- Supports root structure and stimulate fast root growth

4. What is naturalGRO Peatmoss?
Retains moisture and nutrients for less frequent watering
- Gentle for seeding transplanting
- Good for hanging plants due to light weight
- Perfect for filling in planters or topping terrariums, this soft peatmoss is carefully preserved, ensuring a fresh look for seasons to come
- Indoor use only

5. What is naturalGRO Charcoal?
Increases the soils' ability to hold onto plant nutrients and beneficial soil microbes by slowing down or reducing the leaching of nutrients by rain or watering.
- Encourages better root growth and increases drainage and aeration properties
- Helps to lowers soil acidity, encouraging root growth
- Aid plants in absorbing impurities, and is suitable for use with all house plants

6. What is naturalGRO Cocochips?
Coco coir husk chips, an organic and natural mulch made from coconut shells (husk). A highly sustainable alternative to other mulch options.
-Large enough to create air pockets, but also absorb water so your plants won't dehydrate completely
- Has excellent aeration, drainage and water retention properties, making it ideal for potting mixes

7. What is naturalGRO Leca?
Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate, a growing medium that expands when soaked in water which helps to water plants when required by the plant.
- LECA does not contain nutrients, reducing risk of pest infestation and oversaturated soils
- With LECA, the plant can never be over watered as the plant chooses when to drink and how much to drink
- LECA is a reusable growing medium that can be used over and over again if maintained and cleaned properly

2. What is naturalGRO Perlite?
- Perlite contains volcanic glass that aids in water retention
- Helps to improve aeration
- Modifies soil substructure, keeping it loose, well-draining and defying comparison
- Excellent for root cuttings

1. Is the compost Organic?
Yes, it is organic. naturalGRO compost is final product from the decomposition of dried leaves, twigs and plant debris. It does not contain animal manure and carcases. In addition, it is matured and stabilised compost therefore it is free from foul smell and pest issue.

2. Are there any animal manures, bone meal or blood meal in the 5-5-5 Fertiliser?
Our compost is final product from the decomposition of dried twigs, leaves and plant debris. It does not contain animal carcasses and wastes. Our compost is also free from foul smell and pests as it is matured and stabilized compost. It helps to provide organic matter to the soil to rejuvenate the soil profile. In fact, it also helps to enhance the nutrient and moisture retention properties to promote better and healthy plant growth.

3. What is the size of each pumice?
The substrate ranges from 2 – 15 mm. It is designed as such to create varying degrees of aeration pockets within a media mix.

4. Is there any fertiliser mixed in cocopeat?
There is no fertiliser added within the cocopeat.

5. Is there an expiration date for liquid fertiliser?
the expiration date of our product is 3 years from manufacturing date.

6. What is the size of each vermiculite?
The substrate ranges from 3mm - 8mm

7. What is the green looking tiny rock in our mix?
Those are horticultural zeolites, they help to improve soil structures and diversity. It also helps in nitrogen absorption in the meantime.

8. How long can the compost be stored?
Our compost can last for 3 years if stored in room temperature.

9. Is Thrive Ten organic?
This fertiliser is partially organic, its blended with certified organic products. And it is safe for edibles, we are using this for farming purposes as well.

10. Is Rapid GRO organic?
Rapid GRO is a semi-organic product. It is blended with certified organic materials like fulvic acid and kelp extracts.

11. What is the size of perlite?
Our naturalGRO perlite size ranging from 2mm - 10mm.

1. What is the best fertiliser for planting vegetables?
naturalGRO Thrive Ten & naturalGRO Soil Energiser is good for vegetables.
naturalGRO Thrive Ten able to provide essential nutrients that are required for overall plant growth while naturalGRO Soil Energiser serves as amendment to growing media to improve moisture and nutrient retention.

2. Does it work if I put some Rapid Gro in the water that I use to root my cuttings?
Yes! naturalGRO Rapid GRO consists of mild nutrients that aid in stimulating root growth from cuttings and seedlings.

3. What soil and fertiliser would you recommend for my peace lily which I'm keeping indoor?
We recommend to use our Super Soilless Veggie Mix which can be used for wide range of ornamental plants as planting media. As for fertiliser, naturalGRO Rapid Gro & Kelp Booster help in sprouting and maintaining the health of the plants.

4. Can I use Fulvic acid as a mild fertilizer with Thrive Ten for acid lover plants?
Yes. naturalGRO Liquid Sun and naturalGRO Thrive Ten can be mixed together for application. naturalGRO Thrive Ten provides essential nutrients that constantly needed by plants meanwhile naturalGRO Liquid Sun aids in translocating the nutrients.

5. I’m trying to propagate my frangipani tree. Any recommendation on the fertilizer?
naturalGRO Rapid Gro & naturalGRO Kelp Booster. Both of the products provide synergic effect and encourage root & shoot growth and establishment. You may drench the mix with Rapid GRO by dilution rate of 1 cap to 1L water and Kelp Booster by dilution rate of 10ml to 1L of water.

6. Is Veggie Mix suitable as the medium for the propagation? Or I will need to add more perlite into the mix?
It is suitable for propagation for most plants. However, if you’re propagating plants that requires a lot of aeration (e.g. Aroids), we would advise that you mix in other amendments such as perlite, pumice and/or cocochips. We are selling a mix that's specially curated for aroids, naturalGRO Aroid Mix.

7. I’m looking for fertiliser to put into my water plant. The fengshui bamboo plant, which fertiliser should I choose?
naturalGRO Rapid Gro & naturalGRO Kelp Booster. Both of the products provide synergic effect and encourage root & shoot growth and establishment. You may use Rapid GRO 5ml to 1L of water and Kelp Booster 7.5ml to 1L of water.

8. Is Veggie Mix suitable for dill?
Yes, it is suitable. Our soilless mix is compatible for wide range of herbs, veggies and ornamental plants.

9. Is compost suitable for herb?
Our compost is perfect to use as a top dress (mulch) of existing soil for your herbs, or as a conditioner to mix in with our soil mixes to plant your herbs.

10. Do I apply Liquid Sun for plants that don’t get sufficient sunlight?
naturalGRO Liquid Sun derives from Humates. Fulvic acid actually assist to sponsor the biochemistry of photosynthesis of plants so it does help plants those doesn't get sufficient sunlight.

11. I can combine 2 concentrated liquid fertiliser and spray them?
Yes, it is suitable. Do visit our Instagram post for our combo recipe.

12. Is it overkill if I use Thrive Ten & Floral K together?
We recommend to use it separately. Floral K contains higher potassium concentration which is suitable for inducing flowering.

13. What is compost? Can we use this as the soil to plant?
It is not recommended to use compost to grow the plants directly. As it would be too water retentive and might cause root rot.

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