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Sabah Snake Grass



A natural air purifier 

Unlike most plants, the snake plant does not rely on photosynthesis to produce oxygen but actually converts carbon dioxide to oxygen at night! Thanks to this unique quality, the plant acts as a natural air purifier, offering you a constant supply of clean air. 

This is backed up by a Clean Air study conducted by NASA, which found that the snake plant removed 4 out of the 5 main toxins in the air, including formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and xylene.  

With the air constantly circulating within the room, this boosts the health, vitality and the quality of your sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, the oxygenated resting space it creates can help to encourage deeper sleep, making sure that you are well-rested.  

The plant also helps to reduce allergies and alleviates muscle tension and raises your overall functioning.