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naturalGRO Organic Liquid Kelp Fertiliser


Organic Liquid Kelp Fertiliser

  • Made from Tasmanian Bull Kelp,
  • providing a rich source of micronutrients


Manufactured from natural bacterial fermentation process and successfully proven to:

  • Nourish soil bacteria and improve nutrient uptake
  • Support enzyme activity in plants
  • Strengthen root development and stem growth
  • Increase photosynthesis 
  • Promote higher yield and quality
  • Prolong shelf life



Foliar Application

  • Use as a ‘strong solution’ and
  • spray leaves thoroughly as required during growing season

Active Constituents

  • Liquefied Seaweed which contains naturally occurring growth 
  • Stimulants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements            

Soil Application

  • May be applied undiluted and watered in or use as a ‘strong  solution’ thoroughly wetting soil


Weak Solution = 1 cap to 5L
Medium Solution = 1 cap to 2.5L
Strong Solution = 1 cap to 1L
(1 cap full = 20mL)
All Vegetables - use a strong solution 
every 1 to 2 weeks
Fruit Trees & Natives - spray every 2 
weeks during growing cycle of plants 
with a strong solution
Lawns - use a strong solution 3 times 
during Spring
Flowers & Indoor Plants - use a 
medium solution every 1 to 2 weeks
Seedlings - water in a weak solution
to reduce transplant shock