naturalGRO RTU Omni Mist (500mL)

naturalGRO RTU Omni Mist (500mL)

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folinaturalGRO Ready-To-Use Omni Mist 500ML [Organic Multi-Purpose Spray]


Features of Fertiliser/Fertilizer:

✓ A complete Fertiliser/Fertilizer package for your gardening needs.

✓ Provide broad-spectrum nutrition and stimulates growth.

✓ Activate various beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

✓ Elimination of sucking insects: thrips, spider mites, aphids, mealy bug etc.

✓ Increase plant’s resilience towards pest and diseases.



Application Method:

- Foliar spraying of liquid fertiliser/fertilizer




- Foliar spraying: Spray liquid fertiliser/frtilizer twice weekly



Application Rate for Foliar Spraying Fertilisation:

- Fine coating on branches, stems, leaves and air roots and soil surfaces