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JBL Algo Pond Forte


Against algae in the garden pond 
AlgoPond Forte combats all kinds of algae (green water and thread algae) highly effectively by systematically affecting the algae’s metabolism. 

JBL’s zero-risk concept 
Algae can pollute the pond water and thus cause damage to the fish and the plants in the pond. In collaboration with scientists JBL has developed a concept for a permanent removal of algae. 

“1-2-3 algae-free” 
Stabilise the water: increase the mineral content for anti-algae agents (JBL StabiloPond) to work more effectively 
Combat algae: add a suitable anti-algae agent (JBL AlgoPond) into the water 
Limit nutrients: remove the nutrients of dying algae (JBL PhosExPond) 

Easy use of AlgoPond Forte 
Always use it in the morning. Determine the required quantity for the garden pond. Mix the calculated quantity with pond water in a watering can and spread it evenly over the pond. Don’t filter through activated carbon. Switch off any UVC devices for a week After use do not bathe in swimming ponds for 5 days. 

Dosage: 50 ml per approx. 1000 l pond water.