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Trainer Balan Gopal

Grow Your Own Food The "Organic Way"


Herb in a cup “Organic workshop“ 

Grow your own food the “Organic way“ 


Date: 15th September 2018


11:30AM -  12.30PM

1:30PM   -  2:30PM

3.30PM   -  4:30PM


Venue: Tampines Mall Level 4, Open Plaza

Capacity: 9 Pax per session



This is a 1hr Organic Workshop that covers the following Topics of interest: 

Herb propagation and Container growing 

Seeding and plant care 

Types of fertiliser and its purpose  

Soil mixing and watering techniques 

Root division of herbs 

Making a self-watering system with a recycled bottle 

Weather friendly vegetables and herbs to grow 

Making a spring onion kit 

Take home gifts “ Herb in a cup “ kit and a wheatgrass kit