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Trainer Balan Gopal

Urban Permaculture Workshop #3


The End to End Spectrum for growing your own food in built-up areas!

Urban Permaculture Workshop

Date: 21st July 2018

Time: 2-4pm (2hrs)

Venue: The Nature Company Pte Ltd

            15 Joan Road, 298899 - Nearest MRT: Caldecott Stn (8 min walk)

Capacity: 12 Pax

Modules to be covered:

  1. Organic growing of recommended veg, herbs, sprouts, micro greens and wheatgrass
  2. Compost bin design and setup
  3. Vertical setups for growing food
  4. Earthworm composting and care
  5. Propagation, Harvesting and Maintenance
  6. Making your own Organic fertilisers and Pesticides
  7. Nutritional density of the food we grow
  8. Recycling of plastic bottles for growing your own food and much more ......

Whats provided for you:

  1. Spring Onion kit ( hands-on for participants)
  2. "Herb in a Cup” kit ( hands-on for participants )
  3. Wheatgrass kit ( your homework - grow at home )
  4. Free gifts (vegetable seeds, moss ) 
  5. Exclusive PROMO CODE to shop at the retail

*All materials and tools will be provided


Let us all grow our own food because it’s healthy and therapeutic.