naturalGRO Pumice


Horticultural volcanic rock used for its superior drainage and aeration capabilities.

  • Very light & porous volcanic rock
  • Versatile amendment for any mixes
  • Excellent drainage & aeration properties
  • Improves soil structure, preventing root rot
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naturalGRO Pumice

Pumice is a type of volcanic rock that forms when frothy lava solidifies rapidly, trapping gas bubbles within its structure. It is created during explosive volcanic eruptions when the high as content in the lava is released violently, causing the molten material to cool quickly and solidify into a lightweight, porous rock. Pumice typically contains numerous cavities, giving it a spongy texture and low density. This unique composition makes pumice highly valued for various industrial and commercial applications, including as a soil amendment, in construction, and for personal care products.

Designed to enhance soil quality, naturalGRO Pumice boasts a porous structure that promotes superior drainage, preventing waterlogging and ensuring ideal moisture levels for plant health. Its lightweight compostiuon fosters improved aeration, reducing soil compaction and facilitating the development of robust root systems. With a neutral pH, it adapts seamlessly to various soil types and plant varities, acting as a stabiliser for a well-balanced growing environment. Durable and reusable, it serves as a long-term investment in your garden’s success.


3L, 20L

How to use naturalGRO Pumice?

1. Soil Amendment

- Incorporate pumice into garden soil to improve drainage and aeration, promoting healthier root systems and plant growth.

2. Potting Mixes

- Blend pumice with other soil components for container gardening to enhance drainage and prevent soil compaction.


When using naturalGRO Pumice, its important to consider the specific needs of your plants and the growing conditions. Adjust the ratio of pumice in mixture according to the requirements of the plants you are cultivating and the intended application.


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