naturalGRO Perlite


Natural volcanic glass material, lauded for its exceptional aeration properites.

  • Volcanic glass that aids in water retention
  • Improves drainage & aeration of mixes
  • Modifies soil substructure, keeping it loose, well-draining & defying compaction
  • Excellent for root cuttings
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naturalGRO Perlite

Perlite is a naturally occuring amorphous volcanic glass that undergoes a unique heat treatment process during which it pops like popcorn, resulting in an incredibly lightweight and porous material. The heat causes the moisture within the glass to expand, forming numerous tiny bubbles, which dramatically increase its volume. This expansion process gives perlite its characteristic white colour and lightweight, airy structure.

naturalGRO Perlite, with its lightweight and porous structure ensures superior drainage, preventing waterlogging and maintaining an ideal moisture balance for optimal plant development, even in diverse environmental conditions. By promoting exceptional air circulation within the soil, naturalGRO Perlite minimizes compaction, fostering a conducive environment for the establishment of strong, healthy root systems. Serving as a stabiliser for soil pH, it creates an ideal growth environment for a diverse array of plant species, facilitating efficient nutrient absorption. Long-lasting and sustainable, naturalGRO Perlite provides continuous support for your plants over multiple growing seasons, offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for your gardening needs.



3L, 20L

How to use naturalGRO Perlite?

1. Soil Amendment

- Blend perlite into garden soil to improve aeration and drainage, The recommended ratio is approx. 1 part perlite to 1-2 parts soil, depending on the specific needs of your plants.

2. Potting Mixes

- Incorporate perlite into potting mixes for container gardening to enhance drainage and prevent soil compaction. Mix perlite with other components like peatmoss and vermiculite for an optimal growing medium.

3. Seed Starting

- Create a seed starting mix by combining perlite with other components like peatmoss or coconut coir. This will ensure a lightweight and well-draining medium, ideal for germinating seeds.

4. Hydroponic Systems

- Use perlite as a component in hydroponic systems to support plant roots and provide a stable growing medium. Ensure that the perlite is properly rinsed before use to remove any fine particles.

5. Soilless Gardening

- Utilise perlite in soilless gardening systems, such as in raised beds or container gardening, to improve aeration and moisture retention, creating a favourable environment for plant growth.


When using naturalGRO Perlite, its important to consider the specific needs of your plants and the growing conditions. Adjust the ratio of perlite in mixture according to the requirements of the plants you are cultivating and the intended application.



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