naturalGRO Organic Compost


100% natural and organic compost for healthy plant growth through retention of nutrients of existing fertilisers within the soil.

  • Sustainable & earth-friendly
  • Matured & no foul smell
  • Improves water retention capacity
  • Add organic matter to keep soil fertile
  • Enhances soil microbes activity
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naturalGRO Organic Compost

naturalGRO Organic Compost, the epitome of sustainable gardening. Derived from a meticulous process of decomposing dried leaves, twigs, and plant debris, our compost is crafted to embody nature’s purest essence. What sets up apart is our commitment to an entirely animal manure and carcass-free composition, ensuring a truly organic and eco-friendly product. With its matured and stabilised form, our compost not only nurtures your garden but also eliminates any concerns of unpleasant odor or pest infestations.

Typical Analysis W/V

  • C Organic: 12% – 19%
  • C/N Ratio: 15% – 25%
  • pH value: 5 – 8
  • PGPR: 10e8cell/gr

1KG, 5KG, 25KG

How to use naturalGRO Organic Compost?

1. Prepare The Soil

- Prior to using compost, prepare the soil by removing any weeds, rocks, or debris. Loosen the soil to allow for better nutrient and water absorption.

2. Apply Compost To The Soil

- Spread a layer of compost on top of the prepared soil. The recommended amount of compost to use depends on the type of plants you are growing. Generally, a 2cm layer of compost should be sufficient.

3. Mulching

- Adding a layer of mulch on op of the soil can help retain moisture and further improve the soil structure. Mulch also assists in preventing weed growth and maintaining a more stable soil temperature.

4. Regular Maintenance

- Throughout the growing season, monitor the moisture levels and make sure to water the plants as needed. Additionally, you may need to periodically add more compost to replenish nutrients in the soil.


When using naturalGRO Organic Compost, its important to consider the specific needs of your plants and the growing conditions. Adjust the ratio of compost in mixture according to the requirements of the plants you are cultivating and the intended application.


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