naturalGRO Kelp Booster


Made from Tasmanian Bull Kelp, providing a rich source of micronutrients in liquid fertiliser.

  • Efficient liquid fertiliser
  • Nourishes soil bacteria and improves nutrient uptake
  • Supports enzyme activity in plants
  • Strengthens root development and stem growth
  • Increases photosynthesis rate
  • Promotes higher yield and quality
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naturalGRO Kelp Booster

naturalGRO Kelp Booster is a solution sourced from the nutrient-rich Tasmanian Bull Kelp, offering a concentrated infusion of essential micronutrients in liquid form. Harvested from the pristine waters of Tasmania, this product serves as a pivotal catalyst for promoting vigorous plant growth and development. By leveraging the abundant micronutrient reservoirs found within the kelp, it plants a vital role in fortifying the overall health and endurance of plants across diverse agricultural landscapes. Its unique compositon, factilitates the seamless absorption and utilisation of crucial elements, stimulating robust plant growth and vitality.

naturalGRO Kelp Booster accomodates a wide range of plant requirements, providing a versatile and efficient solution that fosters the cultivation of resilient and thriving plant ecosystems.

Active Constituents

Liquefied seaweed which contains naturally occuring growth stimulants, viramins, minerals and trace elements.

Typical Analysis W/V

  • Minerals: Max 23%
  • Carbohydrates: Min 50%
  • Fat: Min 2.5%
  • Moisture: Max 13%
  • Crude Protein: Min 4%
  • Crude Fibre: Min 6%
  • Appearance: Brown
Weight N/A


How to use naturalGRO Kelp Booster?


Can be done via foliar spraying weekly and drenching bi-monthly. Dilute at 10mL (~1 cap) per 1L water.

Storage & Handling

Store in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight. This product has been tested to store safely down to 5°C. Crystallisation or sedimentation may occur below 5°C. Do not pre-mix or store in diluited form. Seal cap immediately after use.


Any recommendations provided by naturalGRO or its Distributors are advice only. As no control can be exercised over storage, handling, mixing, application or use, or weather, plant or soil conditions before, during or after application (all of which may affect the performance of our program), no responsibility for, or liability for any failure in performance, losses, damages, or injuries (consequential or otherwise), arising from such storage, mixing, application, or use will be accepted under any circumstances whatsoever. naturalGRO recommend you contact an Agronomist prior to product application. The Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use of any naturalGRO products.