naturalGRO Garden Mix


Consisting of premium-grade cocopeat & proprietary additives, this soil mix is commonly used as a growing medium for landscaping and is suitable for all kinds of trees and plants.

  • Ideal for true-ground/outdoor planting
  • Soil-based potting mix
  • Provides good aeration & drainage
  • Contains high organic content
  • Consists of premium-grade cocopeat & proprietary additives



Soil, Sand, naturalGRO Organic Compost, Cocopeat

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naturalGRO Garden Soil Mix

A garden soil mix is blend of various organic materials and minerals combined to create an optimal growing medium for plants. It typically consists of a combination of soil, sand, naturalGRO Organic Compost and naturalGRO Cocopeat. The mixture is carefully curated to provide a balanced environment that promotes healthy root development, adequate drainage, and sufficient moisture retention.

naturalGRO Garden Soil Mix are commonly used in raised beds, flower gardens, and container gardening to create an ideal foundation for plant growth and cultivation. They are designed to support various types of plants, from flowers to vegetables, by providing the necessary nutrients and structure for successful cultivation.


15L, 1000L

How to use naturalGRO Garden Soil Mix?

1. Bed Preparation

- Prepare the garden bed by clearing any debris and weeds. Spread a layer of the garden soil mix evenly over the bed to the desired depth.

2. Planting

- Dig holes or furrows in the soil mix for planting seeds, seedlings, or transplants. Place the plants in the hole at the appropriate depth and gently firm the soil around the roots.

3. Container Gardening

- Fill containers, pots, or raised beds with the garden soil mix, leaving enough space at the top for watering.

4. Watering & Maintenance

- Water the garden regularly, ensuring that the soil mix remains consistently moist but not waterlogged. Monitor plant growth and apply naturalGRO fertilisers or additional organic matter as needed.


When using naturalGRO Garden Soil Mix, it is essential to consider the specific needs of the plants you are growing and adjust the composition of the mix accordingly. Regular monitoring and maintenance are key to ensuring successful plant growth and a flourishing garden.



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