naturalGRO Cocopeat


Natural fiber derived from coconut husk.

  • Retains moisture & nutrients to feed root & seeds
  • Easy to rewet & absorbs water quickly
  • Improves soil drainage & aeration
  • Suitable for all plant types
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naturalGRO Cocopeat

Cocopeat, also known as coir pith or coconut peat, is a byproduct derived from the processing of coconut husks. It is made from the fibrous material found between the coconut’s outer husk and the inner shell. Cocopeat is a versatile growing medium that is widely used in horticulture and gardening. It has excellent water retention properties, allowing it to retain moisture and nutrients for extended periods, making it an ideal medium for plant growth.

naturalGRO Cocopeat promotes strong root growth and provides adequate aeration for plant roots. it is commonly used as a soil amendment, especially in potting mixes and hydroponic systems, to improve soil structure and promote healthy plant development. Additionally, naturalGRO Cocopeat is sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional peat moss, making it a popular choice among eco-conscious gardeners and farmers.



3L, 20L

How to use naturalGRO Cocopeat?

1. Soil Amendment

- Mix cocopeat into garden soil to improve its water retention and aeration. Use it at a ratio of approx. 1 part cocopeat to 2 parts soil, adjusting as needed based on your plants' requirements.

2. Potting Mixes

- Incorporate cocopeat into potting mixes for container gardening to enhance moisture retention and promote healthy root development. Blend it with other components like perlite and compost for an optimal growing medium.

3. Seed Starting

- Create a seed starting mix by combining cocopeat with other ingredients like vermiculite or perlite to ensure a well-draining and moisture-retentive medium for germinating seeds.

4. Hydroponics & Soilless Gardening

- Use cocopeat as a component in hydroponic systems or soilless gardening to provide support for plant roots and maintain moisture levels in the growing medium.

5. Mulching

- Apply a layer of cocopeat around the base of plants to act as mulch. This can help retain soil moisture, suppress weed growth, and maintain a consistent soil temperature.


When using naturalGRO Cocopeat, its important to consider the specific needs of your plants and the growing conditions. Adjust the ratio of cocopeat in mixture according to the requirements of the plants you are cultivating and the intended application.


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