naturalGRO Charcoal Chips


A natural absorbent derived from carbon-rich materials. Mitigating odors and impurities in various horiticultural applications.

  • Increases drainage & aeration
  • Lowers soil acidity
  • Absorbs impurities, suitable for all kinds of houseplants
  • Reduces leaching of nutrients by rain or water
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naturalGRO Charcoal Chips

Charcoal chips are a type of carbon-rich material derived from the pyrolysis or carbonisation of various organic substances, such as wood, agricultural residues, or other biomass sources. This process involves heating the organic material in the absence of oxygen, resulting in the conversation of the material into a carbon-rich, porous product known as charcoal. Charcoal chips are characterised by their high porosity, which gives them an excellent capacity for adsorbing and retaining various compounds and substances.

naturalGRO Charcoal Chips are used as a soil amendment to improve soil structure, enhance moisture retention, and promote plant growth. Their porous nature allows them to absorb and retain moisture and nutrients, providing a stable and conducive environment for beneficial microorganisms and plant roots. Additionally, their ability to adsorb and neutralise odors and toxins makes them valuable for maintaining a healthy and balanced soil environment for plant growth. naturalGRO Charcoal Chips are a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for improving soil quality and supporting healthy plant development.


3L, 20L

How to use naturalGRO Charcoal Chips?

1. Soil Amendment

- Blend charcoal chips into garden soil to improve its structure and moisture retention capacity. Mix the chips thoroughly with the soil at a recommended ratio to ensure uniform distribution.

2. Composting

- Incorporate charcoal chips into compost piles to help balance the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio and enhance the overall nutrient content of the compost. This can contribute to the production of nutrient-rich compost for healthier plants.

3. Odor Control

- Place charcoal chips in areas where odors are a concern, such as compost bins or areas with high microbial activity. The porous nature of the charcoal helps absorb and neutralise unpleasant odors.

4. Aquariums & Terrariums

- Utilise charcoal chips as a filtering material in aquariums or terrariums to help maintain water quality and clarity. The charcoal aids in the removal of impurities and toxins, creating a healthier environment for aquatic or terrestrial plants and animals.


When using naturalGRO Charcoal Chips, its important to consider the specific needs of your plants and the growing conditions. Adjust the ratio of charcoal chips in mixture according to the requirements of the plants you are cultivating and the intended application.


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