naturalGRO Cactus Mix


Batch-blended in Singapore, our naturalGRO Cactus Mix is reformulated for great drainage, yet holds enough moisture to keep your cacti and succulents healthy.

  • Designed for xerophytes
  • Provides excellent aeration & percolation
  • Holds sufficient moisture for xerophytes
  • Prevents root rot with great drainage
  • Contains modest organic content



Sand, Pumice, Cocopeat, Zeolite, Perlite

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naturalGRO Cactus Mix

Cactus mix is a specialised blend of soil components formulated specifically for the unique needs of cacti and other succulent plants. Our naturalGRO Cactus Mix consist of ingredients such as sand, perlite, pumice, zeolite and cocopeat that help mimic the natural growing conditions of these plants in their native arid environments.

naturalGRO Cactus Mix is designed to provide excellent drainage and aeration, preventing the risk of overwatering and root rot, which can be detrimental to these water-wise plants. Pumice, perlite and zeolite aids in moisture regulation, ensuring that the plants receive adequate water while preventing excessive water retention. This blend is commonly used for potting or repotting cacti, succulents & bonsai plants, providing the ideal growing medium for these unique and resilient plants.


5L, 15L

How to use naturalGRO Cactus Mix

1. Select Appropriate Container

- Choose pots or containers with drainage holes to prevent water from accumulating at the bottom, which could lead to root rot.

2. Plant Your Cacti or Succulents

- Gently remove your cacti or succulents from their existing pots or containers. Dig a hole in the cactus mix that is deep enough to accommodate the root of plant. Place the plants into the hole and ensure they are positioned at the desired depth. Fill in the spaces around the plants with more cactus mix, gently firming the mix around the roots.

3. Watering

- Water the newly potted cacti or succulents thoroughly but ensure that excess water can drain away. After watering, allow the soil to dry out between watering intervals. The frequency of watering depends on the specific needs of your plants and environmental conditions.

4. Light & Temperature

- Place the potted cacti or succulents in a location with the appropriate light and temperature conditions suitable for the specific plant species.

5. Fertilisation

- Supplement the cactus mix with our range of liquid fertilisers during the growing season. Follow the bottle label's recommendations for application.


Adjust the care and maintenance routine based on the specific requirements of the cacti & succulent species you are cultivating.