naturalGRO Aroid Mix


Batch-blended in Singapore, our naturalGRO Aroid Mix is an ideal blend of hydration and aeration properties. It is mixed with our chunky materials to provide excellent drainage and prevent overwatering.

  • Designed for all types of aroids
  • Lightweight potting mix
  • Provides excellent aeration & percolation
  • Prevents root rot with great drainage
  • Contains modest organic content



naturalGRO Marítima Pine Bark, naturalGRO Organic Compost, Perlite, Pumice, Zeolite

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naturalGRO Aroid Mix

An aroid mix is a specialised blend of various organic and inorganic materials tailored specifically for the unique needs of aroid plants. Aroids are a diverse group of flowering plants known for their attractive foliage and often tropical origins. naturalGRO Aroid Mix is carefully curated to provide the ideal growing environment for these plants, ensuring optimal drainage, aeration, and nutrient retention, mimicing the jungle environment the plants thrive in.

naturalGRO Aroid Mix contains ingredients such as perlite for improved drainage, organic compost for nutrient enrichment, pine bark for aeration, zeolite for moisture regulation, and pumice for additional aeration. Our mixes aim to create a well-balanced and supportive medium that promotes healthy root development, lush foliage, and overall plant vitality for aroids. Often used in potting mixes and container gardening to provide the best possible conditions for these unique and striking jungle plants.



How to use naturalGRO Aroid Mix?

1. Potting Aroids

- Fill planting containers or pots with the aroid mix, leaving sufficient space at the top for watering.

2. Planting

- Place aroid plants in the prepared containres, ensuring the roots are adequately covered with the aroid mix.

3. Watering

- Water the aroid plants thoroughly after planting, allowing excess water to drain from the container. Refrain from using a saucer as it would waterlog the aroid mix, causing root rots.

4. Fertilisation

- Supplement the aroid mix with appropriate fertilisers as needed to provide additional nutrients for healthy plant growth.

5. Maintenance

- Regularly inspect the plants for signs of pests or diseases, and prune as necessary.


Adjust the care and maintenance routine based on the specific requirements of the aroid plant species you are cultivating.