Alfarroxo Pine Bark 70L


100% natural pine bark made in Portugal.

  • Free from pathogenic microorganisms, fungi & weed seeds
  • Retains soil moisture, reducing frequency of watering
  • Heat & steam treated, certified with phytosanitary passport
  • Protects roots from excessive heat
  • Regulates pH value of soil
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Alfarroxo Pine Bark

Pine bark is a 100% natural product from the maritime pine (Pinus Pinaster), a tree natrive to the Mediterranean region.

The maritime pine is one of the most important trees in the wood industry as during its life cycle, it proivides wood, pine cones, resin and of course, pine bark. Originally considered a waste product, pine bark evolved from a landfill-destined product to a premium product used in agriculture, flower farming and landscaping.

The global concern at the environmental level is based on water savings. In this sense, the use of pine bark in outdoor spaces can contribute substantially to reduce the current level of irrigation. In pursuit of this strategy, we have developed a product with adequate characteristics for coverage that guarantees the permanence of moisture in the soil for a longer period, as it avoids evaporation of water. This bark for soil conditioner is a shell with high level of dedusting, properly sanitised and with 100% of purity.

Typical Analysis W/V

  • Water Retention: 20% (by weight)
  • Durability: High
  • Organic Matter: 96% – 99%
  • Decay Resistance: High > 5 years
  • pH value: 4.0 – 5.5
  • Nitrogen (N): <50mg/L
  • Salt (KCl): <50mg/L
  • Phosphate (P2O5): <75mg/L
  • Potassium (K2O): <150mg/L
  • C/N: >30:1

6mm-9mm, 13mm-18mm, 25mm-40mm, 40mm-60mm

The Process

The whole process of manufacturing pine bark, unique throughout the world, has been improved over more than a decade of activity of Alfarroxo Trading. The simplicity of the four phases hides numerous concerns and tasks that are important to ensure consistent quality throughout the process and total satisfaction of our customers.

1. Suppliers & Raw Material

Very early on, a set of parameters were defined regarding the conditions of pine bark parks which ensure the quality of raw material. Suppliers have been rigorously selected and parks periodically checked. There is a strict control of transportation conditions, in order to prevent pine bark contamination. On arrival, the pine bark is stored in appropriate boxes - dirty areas - away from the place where the final product is stored - clean area. Both areas have access restrictions.

2. Hygienization By Heat Treatment

Treatment chamber equipment and supervisory system are audited by the competent authorities to ensure maximum efficiency. All the probes for temperature control are subject to calibration carried out by accredited laboratory, with biennial periodicity. This process is accomplished in accordance with the technical requirements defined and approved by the European Union Directive 2012/535/EU.

3. Quality Control & Packing

After heat treatment, the pine bark is directed to a sieve that uniformly collects different granulometry, ensures a perfect dust removal, and continues the pine bark screening, according to the quality standards required by the market. Then, pine bark is stored in clean and identified boxes. When the pine bark treatment process complies with all the requirements, the product is certified with a phytosanitary passport and is ready for shipping.

4. Expedition To Client Address

Our excellent geographical location allows flexibility in the shipping alternatives and short-sea routes, where the container is the most used shipping method. Depending on the point of discharge of the product, we always choose the fastest and most economical solution among a wide range of transport options that we have at our disposal.


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