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Water Garden Concept



Water Garden Concept2.1

Why this concept?

A nature-inspired water garden showcase – creative implementation of harmony of water and garden elements such as water features, pots, and natural pebbles, timber decking and tropical plants intended to foster a tranquil habitat for flora and fauna. Wildlife like dragonflies, birds, butterflies and frogs will flock to this miniature ecosystem; giving one a sensory pleasure and tranquility.

What you need in your water garden – 

Basic Elements:

A - Eco Pond B - Water PlantsC - Ornamental FishesD - Pumps and Filters       E - Lightings       F - Outdeco Garden screens

G - Wall Garden       H - Timber       I - Pots and Containers

Eco Pond                                       Water Plants                                 Ornamental Fishes

Pumps & Filters                             Lightings

Add-ons Elements:

Garden Screens                            Wall Garden                                    Timber

Pots and Containers