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Nature Landscapes

nature landscapes


Parent company of The Nature Company, Nature Landscapes is a leading landscape industry player with over 3 decades of experience working with specialist partners in Landscape Design, Construction and Maintenance. Today, with manpower strength in excess of 500 and nurseries spanning over 50,000sqm of well stocked plant species; the company continues as a one-stop Creative Innovations | Innovative Implementation solution provider for all landscaping needs.

Its commitment to landscaping and service excellence, best management practices have made it recipient of several industry awards and accolades for some iconic projects it implemented across the Garden City. Whether it is a commercial, residential or institutional project, in small or mega scale; Nature Landscapes brings nature closer to its clients, in uncompromised quality and service. The core service propositions include Landscape Management & Construction; Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance; Design & Build (Nature by Design); Green Wall & Green Roof (Green Solution); Plant Display & Eventscapes.