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Vactor 1g


Vactor 1G is a sand granule larvicide used to control mosquito larvae (not adults). The control of mosquito larvae is as important as the control of the adults. This is because the larvae will eventually mature into harmful adults. Best results are achieved through integrated control where Vactor 1G is used with other mosquito control measures such as aerosol. This is because aerosol mosquito control measures are ineffective against larvae.

Useful Against: Mosquito Larvae

Locations of Application: Areas with Standing Water, Water Containers / Tanks, Shallow Ponds, Empty Tires, Rain Gutters, Drains, Flower Pots & Vase / Base Plates

Application: Once in 2 weeks

Dosage: 1g per 10L of water

Composition: Active Ingredient - Temephos 1% SG

Packing: 200g Sand Granules