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VGP Tray with Veg


VGP is an easy-to-install, low-maintenance vertical greening system that allows choice of a variety of mounting, planting density and growth media options to suit different installation requirements. The flexibility of the system allows architects and designers the full expression using a palette of plants to articulate spaces with green walls, creating inspired, environmentally beneficial habitats to live and work in.

VGP is available in a fire-resistant variant, which meets the Singapore Fire Code requirements for toxicity emissions, smoke density and fire spread. This means that VGP can be utilised for both outdoor and importantly, indoor green wall installations, adhering building code regulations.

VGP allows for convenient plant maintenance and design change, with trays easily removed from their mounts individually. Furthermore, each VGP Tray has a water reservoir with a cover designed to allow re-use of stored water via capillary action to sustain plant growth and minimise maintenance.

VGP is manufactured from UV-stabilised recycled polypropylene that meets requirements for the international “Green Building” certification.


Size (per tray):

Overall - 195mm (W) x 207mm (H) x 192mm (D)  

Nominal - 200mm (W) x 150mm (H) x 195mm (D)

Material: Recycled Polypropylene (UV stabilised)




  • Flexibility - Allows for varying spacing of trays as well as installation on curved walls.
  • Planting Media - Allows wide choice of planting media to be used.
  • Safety - Anti-lift arms prevent inadvertent dislodgement of trays.
  • Drainage - Drainage outlet allows excess water to flow into underlying trays or to be channelled away, preventing spillage.
  • Baffle Plate - Distributes irrigation, prevents media spillage and allows trays to neatly overlap in close planting.
  • Plant Density - Flexible vertical and horizontal tray spacing allows variable plant density and design options.
  • Water Re-use - Base Plate with capillary function enables use of stored water/fertiliser in reservoir.
  • Irrigation - Irrigation pipes are concealed between trays or at the rear.
  • Anchor System - 6-point mounting permits flexible use of various mounting options individually or in combination.
  • Installation - Proprietary Mounting Panels facilitate easy mounting.
  • Soil Volume - Holds 1.8 L of soil, equivalent to a 150 mm diameter planting pot.
  • Tray Width - 200 mm wide tray permits easy planting and allows room for plants to branch out as they grow