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Urban Farming Made Easy with Foody Tower

Posted on May 25 2018

Urban Farming Made Easy with Foody Tower


Why venture overseas when you can get a taste of the farming lifestyle in the comforts of your own home today!


In land scarce Singapore, urban farming has taken our island by storm in recent years with community farms popping up in the most unexpected places: housing estates, schools, and even the rooftops of office spaces. Making efficient use of space, these vertical gardens add a dash of nature to our cityscape and what’s more, you can take pride in using home-grown produce in your cooking and salads.


Foody Tower - Vegetables


If you have already have a couple of plants in your home, you will be able to empathise with the difficulties in finding the perfect spot to place the pot. Now imagine having to do the same with 44 individual plants. That would certainly be quite the challenge, should it go in the living room or the corridor? Is there even enough space?


Well, with the Foody Tower, we have the answer.

One of the latest innovations in vertical farming, this vertical garden can house up to 44 individual plants in removable net pots divided into four levels. The top three levels use soil and the water is then redirected to the base which employs a hydroponics system.


Foody Tower Parts
The tower may be rotated for optimal light exposure

The Foody Tower stands at an approximate 1.2m by 0.18 sq. m (48 inches x 2 square feet). While the tower is small and compact and only requires a minimal allotment of space, it weighs in at almost 12kg when it is empty and can reach up to 46kg when it is filled with water. Do give some thought on where to place the tower to avoid having to strain your back from moving it around!

Made from BPA-free materials, the tower supports organic plant development and its UV reduction elements restricts the formation of algae.


Foody Tower features



With the Foody Vertical Garden, food can be grown all year round. Imagine an endless supply of fresh home-grown produce, imagine the possibilities!