naturalGRO Organic Compost

00% natural and organic for healthy plant growth through retention of nutrients of existing fertilisers/fertilizers within the soil


✓ Bestseller premium organic compost for nutrient retention
✓ Retains nutrients of fertilisers/fertilizer within the soil
✓ Prevents leaching of fertilisers/fertilizer nutrients from the soil
✓ Matured & without foul smell, excellent for home use
✓ Dry & Crumbly texture
✓ Sustainable and Earth-Friendly
✓ Increase Water Storage Holding Capacity for soil and Grow Plants with Less Water
✓ Add Organic Matters that Unblock Minerals to Keep Soil Fertile
✓ Improve Resistance to Disease and Pest
✓ Safe and Easy to Use
✓ Versatile for Use with Chemical and Water-Based Fertiliser/Fertilizer