naturalGRO Aroid Mix

Batch-blended in Singapore, this Aroid mix is designed for jungle plants, especially for aroids, blended with chunky materials to provide excellent drainage and prevent overwatering. Our mix creates aeration within the substrate to stimulate root growth. Best aroid mix at the best value.


Available on May 15th at your local gardening centres, and purchasable via Shopee/Lazada on the first week of June.


Why Organic?
The key to a thriving garden is healthy media, which is a living, breathing ecosystem. Organic media not only improves the soil structure and its ability to hold onto water and nutrients, it also allows for beneficial microbes to thrive. This reduction of reliance on synthetic chemicals will ensure less runoff into our waterways, harming marine life and water quality. Plant damage threat can also be avoided, ensuring a lush and healthy garden for all.