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5 Outdeco Privacy Screens Hacks

Posted on April 06 2018

DECOrate with OutDECO Privacy Screens

Here are 5 creative ways to enhance your dull space with Outdeco Privacy Screens. 

  • Negative carbon footprint

  • Superior durability and workability

  • An architectural style to the fit any size project.

1. Trendy Green Wall

Green Wall Outdeco Privacy Screens

OUTDECO’s lines of stylish patterns are often creatively installed with green wall / vertical planting. Vertical gardening is an agricultural solution that requires minimal space and it’s perfect for our Singapore homes. You can grow your own vegetables on a wall & radiate a fresh aura in your homes today!

2. Fancy Privacy Screens

Partition Outdeco Privacy Screens

Spruce up your entrance with less invasive form of dividers! Outdeco Privacy Screens are modular, durable & sustainable product that is 100% weatherproof. It can be used for patio façades, partitions, entrance surrounds, fencing and even as bathroom shower screens.

3. Modern-day Feature Frames

Feature Wall Frames Outdeco Privacy Screens

Break up the monotonous wall with Outdeco panels to create backlit screens ranging from oriental to Occident patterns. You can even paint the panels without worrying about disintegration.

4. Conceal Daily Eyesores

Conceal unsightly cables Outdeco Privacy Screens

Shield away unsightly objects like pipe lines, wiring & even your nosy neighbours. These panels provide ample screening from 60% to 90% block-out visibility. Conceal and condition your problem areas!

5. Decorative Shadow Silhouettes

Silhouettes Outdeco Privacy Screens

Replace expensive paintings and decorations for Outdeco laser-cut screens. Flatter your guest with flattering shadows that smear intricate silhouettes around your space. Install artificial light or allow natural light to pass through to create eye pleasing art.