Green Wall Lights

Plants need sunlight for glowing health and photosynthesis.  When growing in an indoor environment, artificial illuminated surface with shifting light level is necessary for its survival and growth. Plant grow lights are necessary even for the least light demanding plant species as it produces the essential wave-lengths that plants need for photosynthesis.

Our choice of energy-saving and cost-efficient LED grow lights for plants ensures its lush foliage and brings out the visual appeal of its myriad colors and textures.


ELE100124 OH-GL-013 ELE100123 OH-GL-013 ELE100121 OH-GL-22
ELE100121                                    ELE100123                                     ELE100124


ELE100119 OH-TL-003 ELE100127 5M3528 ELE100125 OH-GL-028
ELE100119                                     ELE100127                                       ELE100125


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