Bricks & Pebbles

Bricks are popular and inexpensive choice if you are edging your garden.  Available and versatile in various sizes, our range of bricks come in material that fair well with age and weather; and double up as firm barrier preventing weeds overrunning gardens for easy maintenance.

Add some of our stones and pebbles to achieve a natural surrounding for your garden.

IMG_2179 Square IMG_2196 Square IMG_2200 Square
BRI100056                                    BRI100025/6                                 BRI100027/9

IMG_2174 Square IMG_2176 Square IMG_2158 Square
BRI100057                                      BRI110910                                    BRI1100064

IMG_2171 Square IMG_2181 Square IMG_2164 Square
BRI1100065                                    BRI100117                                    BRI100118

IMG_2161 Square IMG_2167 Square IMG_2183 Square
BRI100073                                      BRI100074                                      BRI100124

IMG_2192 Square IMG_2187 Square IMG_2188 Square
BRI100125                                    BRI100100                                    BRI100107

PEB100003 (Assorted Colour) $2 per Kilogram PEB100006 (Nachi) $1.50 per Kilogram PEB100015 (Black Polish) $2.00 per Kilogram
PEB100003                                    PEB100006                                    PEB100015

PEB100020 (Lava) $1.50 per Kilogram PEB100001 (Red Poslish) $2.00 per kilogram PEB100001 (Red) $2.00 per Kilogram
PEB100020                          PEB100001(Red Polish)                          PEB100001(Red)

PEB100001 (White Polish) $2.00 per Kilogram

PEB100001(White Polish)


List may not be inexhaustive. Please call us at 6256 3505 ext 49 or email: to reserve, check stock availability or ask for new arrivals.