Green Wall Garden

Wall garden, also commonly referred to as green wall or vertical garden is essentially a wall, either freestanding or on a building and cover with vegetation. This gravity-defying innovative creation serves as an alternative planting option in land scarce urban space.

To meet the demand of this contemporary landscape trend, The Nature Company offers various green wall systems in Felt, Box or Tray. Customers enjoy the option of a DIY or customised wall garden of any height dimension and plant palette to blend with its entire architectural design and living style.

Wall Garden Systems

Felt System VGM 01 Square VGP System 01 Square
             Felt System                               VGM [Modular (Box)]                            Versiwall (VGP) Tray 


For a better understanding of this innovative garden concept and its application, do visit our concept store to view the respective system showcase; installed for your inspiration.