The retail boosts one of the lowest-priced plants ranging from potted plants to water plants in popular species, as one of our appreciative gesture to encourage shoppers to bring nature closer to their living space.

PLA100007 $6.00 PLA100024 $7.00 Asparagus Mix 15c PLA100055 $15.00 Taro
PLA100007 (PS)                             PLA100024 (AM15c)                     PLA100055 (Taro)

PLA100085 $7.00 Columnea Orange 15c PLA100002 $15.00 PLA100007 $6.00 Peperomia Scandan
PLA100085 (CO15c)                      PLA100002                                   PLA100007 (PS)


List may not be inexhaustive. Please call us at 6256 3505 ext 49 or email: to reserve, check stock availability or ask for new arrivals.